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SCIEX is a global leader in life science and analytical technologies, offering innovative breakthroughs in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis. The company’s world-class service and support, has made it a trusted partner to thousands of the scientists and lab analysts worldwide who are focused on basic research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics and clinical research. With years of proven innovation, SCIEX excels by listening to and understanding the ever-evolving needs of its customers to develop reliable, sensitive and intuitive solutions that continue to redefine what is achievable in routine and complex analysis.

SCIEX in India
A state-of-the-art demo lab is housed at the Centre of Excellence in Gurgaon which also serves as the Corporate Office of Sciex operations in India. Also, it has Sales and Service associates spread across Gurgaon, Lucknow, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. For more information, you can visit, www.sciex.com

Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, government, and academic laboratories. From drug discovery and pharmaceutical development, food safety to environmental analysis, Phenomenex chromatography products, technical services and chemical reference standards accelerate science and help researchers improve global health and well-being.

Founded in 1991, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.is a dedicated nutraceutical company, offering innovative solutions for nutrition products around the world. Products from Hexagon Nutrition are currently sold in over 70 countries around the world.

Hexagon has three main segments:

  • Micronutrient premixes- Custom blends of vitamins and nutrients used in food products and programs around the world.
  • Clinical Nutrition- Products that support and enhance the life of healthcare patients and consumers.
  • Therapeutic Foods- Specialized products that provide basic nutritional needs for those facing severe cases of malnutrition

FICCI RESEARCH & ANALYSIS CENTRE (FRAC) was established under the competent aegis of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and its allied body Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry (CIFTI). With over 30 years’ experience, we offer Food and Beverage Testing and Training services provided by our experienced and knowledgeable staff, backed up with the reassurance that comes from our extensive range of accreditations, certifications and recognitions, which include NABL, FSSAI, BIS, DSIR, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001. In recent years, FRAC has also been appointed as a Training Partner for FoSTaC by FSSAI.

For more information please visit www.fraclabs.org

Chr. Hansen is a leading, global bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. We develop and produce cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colors for a rich variety of foods, confectionery, beverages, dietary supplements and even animal feed and plant protection. Our product innovation is based on almost 40,000 microbial strains – we like to refer to them as ‘good bacteria’. Our solutions enable food manufacturers to produce more with less – while also reducing the use of chemicals and other synthetic additives – which make our products highly relevant in today’s world. Social responsibility is an integral part of Chr. Hansen’s vision to improve food and health. In 2019 Chr. Hansen was ranked as the world’s most sustainable company by Corporate Knights thanks to our strong sustainability efforts, our talented employees and the many collaborative partnerships that we have with our customers. We have been delivering value to our partners – and, ultimately, end consumers worldwide – for over 145 years. We are proud that more than one billion people consume products containing our natural ingredients every day. Chr. Hansen has five main production sites in Denmark, Germany (Nienburg and Pohlheim), France (Arpajon) and the US (Milwaukee, WI). We have an international presence in more than 30 countries. Chr. Hansen was founded in 1874 and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Chr. Hansen has more than 3,700 employees.

We are Merck the vibrant science and technology company.

We make a positive difference to millions of people’s lives every day. Our constant curiosity and specialist approach drive our partnerships and bring new ideas to life.  We believe that scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship are key to technological advances that benefit us all. We empower the scientific community. Our tools, services and digital platform make research simpler, more exact, and help to deliver breakthroughs more quickly. Today the Indian consumer is more aware of food safety and considers it an important aspect of their purchase decision. We deliver food safety to food and beverage manufacturers, by providing our customers with high-quality products and solutions for reliable testing which are accurate, and compliant to changing regulations.

We can be your efficient partner in detecting contaminants and chemical residues. Our products can spot the nutritional value of food and beverage and identify inconsistencies in quality as well. Visit us to know more!

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent’s expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

Neogen Corporation (Neogen), together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets a line of products dedicated to food safety.

The safety & quality of nutraceutical products / dietary supplements are vulnerable to numerous contaminants including bacterial pathogens, spoilage organisms, unlabelled food allergens & manufacturing facility residues.

Neogen product folio address these consumer safety & quality concerns by providing AOAC approved rapid testing solutions for 1. Micro-organisms | 2. Allergens | 3. Sanitation monitoring | 4. Natural toxins

Neogen test kits are validated for pharmacopeia methods & complies the regulatory requirements.

India location of Neogen offers contract chemical and microbiological testing services to numerous Industries, trading houses, exporters, food processors, pharmaceutical companies, ayurvedic Institutions/formulators and star hotels, restaurants and resorts via its state of the art FSSAI approved and NABL accredited laboratory.

Neogen India’s services have been designed to offer reliable, cost-effective, cutting-edge analytical solutions so that clients can maintain high levels of product quality and safety in their businesses. The analytical and research personnel at Neogen are qualified, trained and skilled in their fields of specialization, with years of experience in handling chemicals, instrumentation, microbiology, quality assurance, quality control and regulatory law.

Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid handling, sample handling, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microplates, and single-use bioreactor vessels complement the range of highest-quality premium products.

Eppendorf products are most broadly used in academic and commercial research laboratories, e.g., in companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological as well as the chemical and food industries. They are also aimed at clinical and environmental analysis laboratories, forensics, and at industrial laboratories performing process analysis, production, and quality assurance.

Eppendorf was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1945 and has more than 3,100 employees worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in 26 countries and is represented in all other markets by distributors.

Freshness Starts with an Unbeatable Process
Pall Food & Beverage partners with our customers to provide countless filtration, separation and purification solutions, enabling food manufacturers to achieve their goals and protect their brands.
We treat a wide array of process fluids, such as natural, alternative and high intensity sweeteners, gelatin, industrial enzymes, amino acids, acidulants, flavors, extracts, seasonings, hydrocolloids, fermentation products, and many others. Creating value-added ingredients from traditional fluids is increasingly made possible by cutting-edge separation and purification technologies.

Testo India Pvt. Ltd. a 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co KGaA, is a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of portable test and measuring instruments. Our advanced technology ensures premium quality products for multiple applications. We offer a wide range of products specially for food industry for measurement during entire cold chain, during storage or transport of foods and during Food Preparation as well.

  • Testo 270 cooking oil tester that shows the TPM value of the cooking oil and determines the quality of the oil to ensure good health of the consumers and avoid oil wastage.
  • Penetration thermometers (with fixed or exchangeable probes) for the measurement of core temperature & IR thermometers for the measurement of surface temperature of food material.
  • Data Loggers for continuous monitoring of temperature & relative humidity of food materials in warehouses & cold stores etc. Transport data loggers to record the data during the transit of food material and ensure quality.
  • PH Meters to measure the pH value and temperature of liquids & semi-solid media safely and reliably.
  • We also provide our latest testo Saveris restaurant solution totally dedicated for Automated quality management for restaurant chains

Other product range includes

  • Portable Measuring Instruments & Systems for: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air velocity, RPM, Sound, Light, Compressed Air Flow, Electrical Measurement
  • Portable Flue Gas Analyzers for Combustion and Emission Analysis
  • Thermal Imagers for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

For more information, please write to us on info@testo.in or log on to www.testo.com

Analytik Jena India is a leading provider of high-end analytical measuring technology, of spectroscopy and sum parameters instruments and products in the fields of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics, as well as of high quality liquid handling and automation technologies. Our portfolio includes traditional analytical technology, particularly to measure concentrations of elements and molecules, as well as systems for bioanalytical applications in the Life Science area spanning the highly complex analytic cycle of a sample from sample preparation to detection.

All our analytical instruments are manufactured at Germany.  Our instruments are used in Research & Development, Quality control, life science, drugs and pharmaceutical, Environment and safety, Oil & gas, Metals & Mining, Food & Healthcare, Agriculture, chemicals and purification plants, Cosmetics and personal care and Institutions.

Zeon is an End to End researched-driven referred manufacturing partner for Nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Immunity Booster, Phytopharma, Medical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition & health and wellness products, immunity booster products and food ingredients. It is a leader in finished formulations and quality ingredients with a focus on extensively researched products. It offers a complete bouquet of manufacturing and developmental solutions to meet the ever-changing market demand.

The journey of Zeon started in 1987 and with 30+ years of experience, Zeon is India’s most preferred manufacturing partner for Nutraceutical and Herbal products. Zeon has advanced its systems and institutions to deliver the absolute highest-quality of nutraceutical and supplement products to every client, on time and at an unsurpassed value.

Now we are ready with our affordable, quality nutrition & Unique Combinations to meet our consumer’s daily need. Our E commerce Product categories includes supplements for all age groups:

A. Immunity Booster | B. Daily Health and Wellness | C. Vigor and Vitality | D. Beauty and Wellness | E. Bone Health and Endurance| F. Healthy Weight


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